gardening thursdays

Gardening Thursdays Every Thursday the Stars to Star fish team goes to the garden by the aqua-dome. In our garden we have 6 raised beds each bed has different fruit and vegetables. Some of our fruits and vegetables we are growing in the raised beds are tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and cucumbers. In our Earth boxesContinue reading gardening thursdays

Cleaning tuesdays

Cleaning Tuesdays Every Tuesday our Stars to Star fish team visit the aqua-dome. When we are at the aqua-dome we clean all of our fish tanks and feed our fish. Whilst we are there we have to scrub all the tanks down and siphon all the dirt/poop from them. Once we have cleaned the tanks,Continue reading Cleaning tuesdays

Volunteer with us!

Lots of volunteer opportunities are available with the RHS Aquascience program. To get started, fill out the sign up form!

Camp counselor sign up

You can now apply to be a counselor for Under the Sea Marine Science Summer Camp! why summer camp? Here is why counselors LOVE summer camp. Lots of service hours. Fun activities and fun people! Make new friends at your school and learn more marine science. Who can apply? Riverview High School students that: LoveContinue reading Camp counselor sign up