katie bonnici

Hi, My name is Katie Bonnici and I am a senior at Riverview High School. I have lived in Sarasota my whole life. Since I was little I have volunteered at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens teaching children about the importance of plants, like mangroves and keeping our bay clean. I have loved the ocean for as long as I can remember, this has stemmed from living so close to the beach. I am especially fond of the animals that take refuge among the many reefs and seaweed.

alexa briandi

Alexa Briandi

Hi my name is Alexa. I am a senior at Riverview High School. I am in the Stars to Starfish program working with marine life and learning more about the ecosystem. I am also a cheerleader for Riverview and plan to obtain more knowledge in marine science.

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke

Hi! I’m Lauren Burke, I was born in Sarasota but I was raised in North Port. I moved to Riverview my freshmen year of high school. I enjoy being with kids and I love teaching! I love helping people and that is my passion. I love volunteering at church and singing there too! I am hopefully going to pursue a career in the medical field, either physical therapy or personal training. I love sea creatures and I enjoyed my marine Science 1 Honors class which brought me into the Stars to Starfish program!

saxton dunlap

Saxton Dunlap

Hi! I am Captain Saxton, I am a senior here at Riverview. I am on the varsity Lacrosse team, i am also a member of many clubs around school! I was born in Ohio but moved to Sweet home Sarasota in 7th grade. I love going to the beach and spending my weekends on the water weather its boating with my best friend Bella or just fishing with friends. Which is my main choice for applying for this internship plus the teachers pretty cool! My favorite marine animal is a octopus!

melody fulmer

Melody Fulmer

Hi! My name is Melody Fulmer and I’m a senior. I went on the Stars to Starfish field trip in 5th grade and since then I knew I wanted to do it as well. I love all animals and plan on working with them in the future. I plan on going to college to study environmental science and hopefully have a major impact on the world in the future!

matt garcia

Matt Garcia

My name is Matt Garcia and I am a senior here at Riverview High, I play for the varsity football and lacrosse team. I have been taking marine science since sophomore year and the class has always been very intriguing to me. The ocean has had a great impact on my life as I enjoy going boating and going to the beach.

alessa gardini

Alessa Gardini

Hi, my name is Alessa Gardini and I’m a senior at Riverview High School. My interest in marine science started when I began learning about the different orders of sharks and their distinctions in class. Aside from working with the fish in the aquadome, I volunteer as a student athletic trainer, and I love going to the beach and cooking. I plan to attend FSU and study law.

cassie goodman

Cassie Goodman

Hello, my name is Cassie Goodman and I am a senior at Riverview High School. I have been a part of marine science here for the past two years. I was born in Albany, New York and moved to Florida a little over two years ago. I love the ocean and learning about it. My favorite sea animal is a turtle, I have two of them as pets at home.

kate hendrix

Kate Hendrix

Hi! I’m Kate Hendrix, and I’m an intern for Stars to Starfish. This is my senior of high school and my first year being in Stars to Starfish. I’m in this internship because I’m in love with marine life and in love with the ocean! I’m planning on going the USF for college, hopefully going in to study marine science. I’ve always been in love with the ocean and always try to find way to help out and take care of our planet.

Emylee Hunter

Emylee Hunter

Hello, my name is Emylee Hunter and I am a senior at Riverview high school and I joined the stars to star fish program because I loved marine life and also love to learn about it. I play two varsity sports at Riverview, i play soccer and i run track. I really enjoy going outside and just having fun with my friends. If you come to Riverview I would highly recommend doing as many clubs as possible and joining sports and of course joining the Stars to Starfish program.

bella king

Bella King

Hey there fellow fish and friends , my name is Bella. I am a senior here at Riverview, I was born here in Sarasota Florida. My whole life I’ve LOVED going to the beach and swimming in the ocean! Furthermore , other activities I am involved in at Riverview are being the Captain of the Varsity Cheer team, being on the Soccer team, Vice President of the club Join The Miracle , a member of Dance Marathon , and Papillon Club! My favorite marine animal is a dolphin because they are very smart ! I chose to apply for this internship because of my love for the ocean and children and with this internship I am able to work with marine life and share my knowledge with elementary students.

jackson krizen

Jackson Krizen

My name is Jackson Krizen. I was born in Sarasota Florida. My interest in Marine Biology is because I know that most of the ocean’s animals haven’t been discovered, and I want to be one of the Marine Biologists that discovers something new. I love building with Lego, watching YouTube, and Marvel. My favorite marine animal is the Blue Whale.

james liddy

James Liddy

My name is James Liddy, I am a senior here at Riverview. In my free time I like to play football for the Rams, go fishing, and make money. I have always loved everything about the water whether it be boating or fishing I love it all. My dad introduced me to the outdoors and fishing when I was very young and it’s been a passion of mine ever since.

kieser luft

Kieser Luft

Hi, my name is Kieser Luft. I am a senior here at Riverview High. I was born in Troy Ohio. I have a boat and enjoy going on the water to see nature and a whole new world that most people do not get to see very much. I am taking marine science to give kids a chance to see a glimpse of what the ocean offers to the world.

ryan mandia

Ryan Mandia

Hi, my name is Ryan Mandia and I am a senior at Riverview High School. I have lived in Sarasota all my life and I enjoy hanging out with my friend and going outdoors. This is my fourth year in Marine Biology as it is my favorite subject and I plan to volunteer in marine biology in the future. I plan on going to either UF, UCF, or FGCU after high school.

ellie massing

Ellie Massing

Hi! My name is Ellie and I’m currently in my senior year of high school. I have always had a special place in my heart for ocean and ocean life, so naturally, when I heard about the Stars to Starfish internship, I couldn’t have been more excited! After graduation, I plan on going to college, majoring in business, and persuing my goal of entrepreneurship. I hope to one day own a business which works in helping to save our oceans, and the marine life living in it!

anna mccoy

Anna McCoy

My name is Anna McCoy and I am a senior at Riverview high school. I love being involved with the Stars to Starfish program, mostly because I grew up around the ocean and have always been fascinated. This program is a great opportunity to learn more about the mysteries that lie beneath the waves.

mira meisner

Mira Meisner

Hi I’m Mira Meisner, a senior at Riverview High school in the Stars To Starfish program. I was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida, and most of my time is spent on and around Siesta Key. I’m in charge of the touch tank, which holds hermit crabs, sea urchins, rocks, and more. My favorite type of sea animal is a dolphin. In my free time, I enjoy going boating with my close friends, going to the gym, and lying on the beach. After high school, I plan on attending either FSU, UCF, or FGCU with a degree in nursing.

ailbhe o’grady

Ailbhe O’Grady

Hi I’m Ailbhe O’Grady, a senior at Riverview High School in the Stars to Starfish internship program. I am from Massachusetts but I was raised down here in sunny Sarasota. When I am not on the water rowing, I am usually at the beach. I plan on studying science in college so I love having this opportunity to learn about our marine system.

maya oakley

Maya Oakley

Hi, my name is Maya Oakley I was born in Sarasota Florida and right now I’m in my senior year of high school. I’ve been truly loving the experiences I’m having in my classes and the knowledge that I’m gaining at Riverview high school. From previously taking marine science honors my junior year, I really enjoyed learning all the facts I could about aquatic life throughout taking this course. So, this year I decided to take on idea of being part of Stars to starfish. I love the idea of teaching the little ones about almost everything there is to know in our Aquadome. Throughout my years of high school from being in choir and starting a new club my favorite part by far is learning all the amazing aquatic life my school and even Sarasota has to offer.

anna parish

Anna Parish

Hi, my name is Anna. I am a senior at Riverview High School, and I have lived is Sarasota Florida my whole life. I have also participated in ballet for the last 15 years at various schools such as: School of Russian Ballet, Reflex Arts, and Ravelle. My favorite animal has been the sea turtle since a young age, sparking my love for the ocean and keeping it clean and healthy.

claire reutter

Claire Reutter

Hi! My name is Claire Reutter, I am a part of the amazing Stars to Starfish program. I have been around water my whole life because my dads a fishing guide, so ever since I was a little girl I was on the water fishing or tubing! In my free time I absolutely love going to the beach to explore and look for new shells and fishies. In my future I plan on going to college and majoring in nursing.

erica ross

Erica Ross

Hi i’m Erica Ross and I was born in Connecticut but I was raised here in Florida and learned to appreciate the marine animal and plant life here because it has such a big influence to our community. I love being on a boat or near the water and seeing all the little creature that live here and i have helped out with cleaning up our beaches. After I leave Riverview High School my goal is to get into FSU and pursue ophthalmology.

emory sayre

Emory Sayre

Hi, My name is Emory Sayre, I am excited to be part of the marine science stars to starfish program. In my free time I enjoy the beach and boating. I cheer for the Riverview cheer team and I also do competitive cheer. Between the two of those it takes up most of my time, when I am not cheering you can always find me with friends.

olivia schwartz

Olivia Schwartz

Hi! My name is Olivia Schwartz, and I’m a senior here at RHS. I was born and rasied in Sarasota and have grown up on the water. I love the ocean, and always want to live near the coast. I‘m so excited to be part of the Stars to Starfish program the year! When I‘m not here at school or at the beach, you can find me at swim practice. I have been a competitive swimmer for 10 years, and I really can‘t get enough of the water! I love to be outside in nature and around my family and friends. I also love to cook and try new foods as well as take picture. I love to travel, and I hope to make it to every continent before I graduate college. I hope to study psychology and sociology in college and get my masters degree.

maciej tadla

Maciej Tadla

My name is Maciej Tadla and I’m a senior at Riverview High School. I lived in Sarasota for 7 years and I enjoyed every moment. I’m a swimmer and I swim for Riverview High school and this is my fourth-year swimming for Riverview. My favorite hobby is fishing, and I fish in salt and fresh water. I really enjoy learning about marine science and going out and looking at fish and other marine animals. in the future I would like to major in marine science or biology.

alexis vargas

Alexis Vargas

Alexis Vargas is a senior at RHS with honors/AP classes and in the National Honors Society. She was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. She loves the ocean and marine life in it. Alexis hopes to go college to further education in environmental studies or marine sciences. Stars to Starfish internship is a valuable aspect of RHS to her because she can teach students or visitors about marine life, their importance to humans and information of issues within our community as well as other.