Virtually teaching marine life to ELEMENTARY students

I got the amazing opportunity to discuss marine animals with Mrs. Kushner’s Kindergarten class at Phillippi Shores Elementary school. I made a powerpoint with many different ocean animals talked about them and asked lots of questions as well. I started off by introducing my self, my school, and then explained a little bit about Stars to Starfish and talked a bit about our aquadome. After that I went through the powerpoint asking questions along the way. Every time I asked a question almost every single hand was up in the air. They were jumping around in their seats they were so excited to answer. During the entire presentation they were so quiet, polite and seemed so interested.

At the end of the powerpoint i had a couple of them come up and tell me their favorite animal or a question they had. The part that made me very happy was that most of them choose new marine animals that they had learned during the powerpoint instead of ones they had already known. They were such a great group of kids and I thought everything went so well. This is definitely something I would love to do again and I cannot wait to teach more about our marine life and our amazing program.

Halie Keech
Class of 2021


I got the chance to teach and talk to Mr. Karasick’s Kindergarten-Second grade class from Phillippi Shores Elementary school about marine life animals. They got to learn about fish, sea turtles, whales and much more! I made it all on a PowerPoint and got to show them my work over zoom by screensharing. The kids really loved the part of my presentation where I related the fish to Nemo and Dori from the movie Nemo.

Some of the kids never heard about some of the animals that I talked about. This made them ask more questions and be more curious about the animals. The kids were very sweet and well spoken. At the end, I asked all of them what their favorite animal was. It was very interesting to hear of their answers. Teaching children about the wild marine life is so important and fun! I am so excited to teach the kids more about the ocean and all the important organisms in it!

Ella McMullen
Class of 2021


So, my task was to do a simple ocean alphabet to a preschool class. My brain said, omg panic you’re not going to do good at this. I was super nervous I didn’t know what to expect going in, I thought I won’t even be able to make it to ‘F’ without losing their attention.  But once I showed the first picture, I felt crazy for being nervous. The kids scream “ouuu” when they see the bright colors on the angelfish and after that I knew it was going to be cake.  

It was so fun! I loved seeing/ hearing the kids get excited to see the ocean animals. They had no hesitation when it came to joining in and sounding out the letters. All of their energy just felt contagious, I was super happy I lucked up on a great group of kids. I think them being adorable pre- schoolers was also a bonus, and I would love to be able to interact with that class again. They were really the perfect group to do my first reading with. The kids showed me that I don’t have to be so worried and expect for it to be perfect, but that the whole goal is for the kids to have fun and to learn something new without even realizing that they are learning. 

Brianna Davenport
Class of 2021

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