Exploration and Knowledge Expansion

Alannah eagerly awaits the arrival of the class Axolotls.

As part of a hands on, and sensual learning high school, Riverview High school students, including myself, take it upon ourselves to explore the outside campus. We were instructed to take what we know about observation and use the five senses to describe our surroundings in detail. After day one of observation, we had to migrate back to our original three locations and ask questions; scientifically, and thoroughly thought through as it correlates to their observations. This was just one aspect of how teachers and students work together and create a learning affect that is hands on and gives students exposure to the type of questions and thought processes needed to comprehend deep and accurate observation. As a student apart of this experience, not only does it apply to all three types of learning, but it is a method that I, along with my classmate will take into the future as we prepare to move onto college and the real world. We observe to explore, and this plants a seed that later turns into a tree of knowledge–expanding in all the young minds.

Alannah Sheppherd
Class of 2020

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