The effects of hurricane ETA ON RHS

Riverview High school along with the rest of Florida was affected by the recent passing of hurricane Eta. Riverview was personally effected by this hurricane greatly because it resides on Philipi Creek. The hurricane has made water levels rise greatly and the whole dock and most areas along the creek are completely swamped! All the water overflowing from the creek is no threat to Riverview given it is built up on a hill. This water allows access of fish to the land and could be treating to them if they dint make it back into the real water before the water evaporates and the water levels return to normal. Seeing the amount of water this hurricane has left is mind blowing and its even more crazy to think that this was a smaller hurricane. Hurricanes have the power to grow bigger and bigger by feeding of the water in the ocean and storms around. Houses on the water like Riverview could be in danger because of the amount of flooding and water Eta left behind. Water could easily reach building if there isn’t a great distance between the water and the house/building. Most houses and buildings on the water are built up to prevent flooding. This hurricane was thankfully not to damaging and left us an amazing flood to look at and analyze.

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