Welcome to the adventure

Why be bored during quarantine when we could be learning more about life under the sea! At Riverview High School, we want to help you learn a little bit about the wonderful creatures of the ocean. We will update this page weekly with new content, so make sure to check often!

To support elementary educators in the Sarasota area (and beyond!), Riverview High School students are producing some fun and interactive resources to teach about marine science to students, their friends, and family in their quarantine classrooms :).

FIRST VIDEO: Delaney talks about Sharks.

Delaney explains some shark facts!

In our first video, I will scratch the surface of the amazing world of sharks! From the funky shape of the hammerhead to the super speed of the shortfin mako, learn about my favorite kinds of sharks and their awesome adaptations! – Delaney, Class of ’21


Love this video and want to keep learning?

Download the shark activity sheet by clicking here.

Get out your pencils and coloring tools as you download this activity sheet designed by Delaney, Judy (Class of ’21), and Anton (Class of ’20) to keep interacting with sharks.

Up next! Octopi!

Download the Octopi Activity Sheet here!

If you have any questions about sharks, the ocean, or RHS Aquascience, or would like to give us some feedback (or both!) feel free to fill out this form!

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