We are so excited you have decided to schedule the extended field trip experience “Stars to Starfish” for your students with a visit to Riverview’s Innovative AquaDome facility. Please take a look at the other documents included on this website, so you will be familiar with our program and will know in advance what the expectations are.

How to Prepare

Please review the enclosed visitor guidelines and prepare your students in advance to make their visit a most enjoyable and memorable experience. As part of this program, we ask that you provide your students with copies of the pre-test enclosed.

What Will Your Students Learn?

On this trip your students will explore the following standards in a hands on/ minds on environment:

To make sure that we are successful in reaching our learning objectives, please help us by having your students participate in the pre and post tests.

What Your Day Will Look Like

  • When you arrive you will first be escorted to the planetarium for the viewing of Riverview’s very own “Stars to Starfish” program (created by Riverview’s students and staff).  This documentary explores the wonders and connections between the sky and the sea (about 20 min).
  • Next, our Stars to Starfish Internship students will group your students into small groups and lead them to the AquaDome for a guided tour. Here students will visit specific stations in two to three minute rotations (10 stations total).  At each station they will learn specific aquaculture, marine science and environmental key points that are connected to the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • After visiting the AquaDome, interns will escort the students back to the Planetarium with a quick stop at the restrooms and handwashing area before returning to your buses.

Again, please review the visitor guidelines both for the safety of your students and of our aquatic animals before coming to Riverview.

Thanks for scheduling your “Stars to Starfish” fieldtrip; we look forward to having you here at Riverview!


The “Stars to Starfish” Team

          Katrin Rudge (Director Stars to Starfish, Marine Science I Honors)

         Gabriel Wasserman (Marine Science I Honors)

          Frank Gangi (Aquadome Manager)

          Glenn Wachter (Assistant Principal, Science)