AquaScience is growing (literally) and you can help!

We have had a really great year exploring marine science.  We have been inspired by the enthusiasm of our students – and want to continue growing this program to be one of the best locations there is for learning about marine science in a high school environment – anywhere!

Good things come in threes, so we are really excited to reveal these three awesome ways we are asking our community to help support us!

1)           Grouper/Snapper Fishing Tournament

You don’t have to be a fisherman to have fun with us at this event!  With the support of Andros Boats, we are hosting a grouper/snapper fishing tournament on June 15th at Siesta Key Marina. Whether you are a fisherman or not you can join us in this fun!  The flier is RIGHT HERE!! Here is how you can help out:

  1. We are still looking for tournament principal sponsors and supporting sponsors.  If you are interested, please contact: Sheri Karasick at
  2. If you would like to enter the tournament as a competitive boat for the cash prize, contact: 941-349-1970
  3. Join us at the shore party hosted at Siesta Key Partner. Entry is $35/Person and includes food and beverages. June 15th at 6PM.

2)           RHS Under the Sea Marine Science Camp.

We still have openings for our much anticipated Under the Sea Marine Science camp!!   Register your K-8 student using the RHS Aquascience Website at         Camp is $95 to attend and takes place May 28-31.  It is going to be a blast!

3) Soon our famous Stars to Starfish program will offer a new component – “to Starfruit”!!!

We are building our hydroponics food production in partnership with the Districts Food and Nutrition Services to teach students about sustainable and locally grown food.  A food forest is already under construction!  If you would like to support this work, contact us!

ALL of this work is being done by students and teachers in their free time, and depends on the financial support we can garner from our community.  If there is a way you can help, please join us in these exciting ventures!!

Most warmly,

The RHS AquaScience Team

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