Get Involved

How to get involved with the Stars To Starfish Program…

There are a multitude of ways one can get involved in the Stars to Starfish Program. One can join one of our affiliated clubs, which are the Marine Club, the Papillon Club, the Environmental Club, or FFA. Also a student can become an intern with the program through Riverview’s Executive internship Program.

Marine Club

The Marine Club is an after school club that is dedicated to protecting, raising awareness, and having fun with the ocean and marine life. If you choose to join, you will have opportunities like diving/snorkeling trips, transplanting mangroves, community service hours, Seaworld, Carefree Learner, and beach cleanups, just to name a few ways and you can earn community service hours! Come join us and help your community along the way.

Environmental Club

Riverview High School’s Environmental Club has traditionally handled the weekly recycling duties at our school. With a new program in place, paper, plastic and metals are bagged together and sent away for recycling, making recycling easier than ever before. The Club also works with the Mayor’s Food Drive, held in November, by donating and packaging the collected food items. Each year, members of the Club participate in the Manasota Regional Envirothon Competition. They have won 3 out of the last 5 competitions. Their newest project is the development, design and construction of the Riverview Nature Trail. They have done soil testing and will be involved in the land preparation for the native plants chosen for the trail.


What is FFA? FFA, or Future Farmers of America, is one of the largest youth organizations. FFA members at Riverview High School do lots of hands-on learning through agricultural education. Lots of students show large and small animals and also plants at the local County Fair. FFA is a dynamic organization that focuses on premier leadership, personal growth & career success.

Papillon Club

The Papillon club of Riverview High School, instituted in 2010, in memory of a former student, Katelyn Joy Derstine, is a service organization. One of its main goals is to mentor incoming freshman and allow them to become comfortable within the high school environment. Friendships and bonds are fostered, as all members work together on school and community outreach projects, including a school butterfly garden, and planned Florida Native Plant Trail.

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