About Us

TeamRiverview High School offers the premier experiential science learning pathway to prepare students for integrated careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). From robust career preparatory pathways in marine science research and engineering to the widest variety of elective sciences offered in the area — students explore a variety of scientific fields of study and the tools that will ensure their success in STEAM professional environments. The Stars to Starfish program, as part of the IB Career Pathway program, builds competencies in three core areas: Research For students who are interested in pursuing STEAM careers, the Stars to Starfish program provides direct experience with scientific research, preparing them for success in University settings. – Robust research partnerships with Mote Marine Aquarium, New College and plans for expansion of the program to partner with the NASA GLOBE program. – Nearly 2,000 students have learned about marine science research through participation in the rigorous Riverview marine science curriculum. Education and Leadership Students build skills in public communication, education, and leadership as they explore the ocean environment leading field trip experiences for 5000 elementary students annually through the planetarium and Aquadome. – 25,000 elementary and middle school aged students with impact on over 2000 high school students at Riverview High School since the program’s inception. – Active collaboration between science research programs and Riverview art departments adds experiential value to collaboration with graphic design, 2D and 3D art, and photography and media engaged students. Preparation for Alternative Careers Students learn about the variety of careers in STEM beyond research including aquaculture, sustainable fisheries, maintaining and environmental restoration and stewardship. – Students are prepared to pursue careers in environmental management, – Students participate in a full-fledged aquaculture facility rearing clownfish, fragmenting corals for propagation. In addition, we participate in restorative ecology through husbandry and release of native snook species at risk.

Adopt A Tank

With our new Adopt-A-Tank program you are able to “adopt” any tank in the AquaDome. All proceeds from the adoption go directly to our program and will help keep our AquaDome in perfect condition. If you adopt a tank your name will be added to a plaque attached to your selected tank. You may also choose to remain anonymous. Please contact Mrs. Rudge at katrin.rudge@sarasotacountyschools.net if you have any comments, questions, or concerns and to send the tank adoption sign up form. Click here to adopt a tank.

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