The pacific coral reef tank in the Aquadome gives a glimpse of what the Pacific Ocean has to offer. The Pacific Ocean is rich with coral reefs, under water volcanoes, and many other magnificent features. The reefs support thousands of species of fish, coral, and invertebrates (some of which are seen in our tank) and they protect the shoreline they surround from storms and flooding. Our tank holds species of fish such as the Blue Tang, Clown Tang, Fairytale Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Lunar Wrasse, and a few more. All of these fish are vital to the survival of the reefs in the Pacific and create the beautiful biodiversity that can be seen under water. The corals in the tank also create a beautiful underwater aesthetic and provide support for all the fish living amongst them. In our tank we have Green Star Polups, Carpet Anemones, Rose Bubble Tip Anemones, and a few more invertebrates. Most fish in the tank or herbivores so they eat algae and seaweed, however some eat small crustaceans like small shrimp and plankton. The corals eat small fish and shrimp by using their tentacles to stun their prey and hold them in their mouths to digest them. Although our tank only shows small fish and a few pieces of coral, the Pacific Rim reefs support thousands of species including bigger animals like sharks and sea turtles. Without these reefs many animals would not have a habitat or food. Reefs are a huge part of the food chain and the overall survival of our planet.