The Ram Nation Aquascience Program is proudly supported by our community in many of our endeavors. Contributions are made financially, in kind gifts, and through creating collaborative opportunities for our students.

If you are interested in exploring how your resources can benefit the next generation of scientists, please contact

Some of our sponsors and partners and how their gifts have been used:

  • Aqualogic: Thank you for donating our coral tank chiller and our Snook tank heater!
  • Mote Marine Laboratory: We love our partnership with Mote to grow, tag and release snook into Phillippi Creek! We are currently tracking the snook we have released!
  • McCutcheon Plumbing: Thank you for our large PVC tube that will provide cover for our snook to hide in our tanks
  • Seaworld: Both of our sharks were hatched from mermaids purses provided by Seaworld! Thank you for our coral fragments also for our coral tank!
  • UF – Microplastics student citizen science, invasive species study using lionfish
  • TAL – UF/Tropical Aquaculture Lab helped design and set up our large crypt fish rearing systems and donated Koi for our koi pond