Mangrove Habitat

Mangroves provide a safe-haven and shelter for numerous species of aquatic life. Some include, the snowy egret, white ibis, brown pelican, frigate birds, cormorants, mangrove cuckoos, herons, manatees, monkeys, turtles, lizards like anoles, red-tailed hawks, eagles, sea turtles, American alligators and
crocodiles. As well as 1,300 different species of aquatic life. For many species of fish, like the mullet, the muddy waters of the mangroves act as a nursery where they raise their young. Because fish are so dependent on mangroves, protecting these forest communities is another way of protecting our fish
populations. Increasing the importance of mangroves. The twisting mangrove roots support a great diversity of life—including sponges, sea anemones, brittle stars, and sea urchins.